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Why amara?

Amara Therapy specializes in John F Barnes Myofascial Release Therapy.  It is our goal to help clients to relieve their pain and move with grace.



Our body responds to every moment we experience, either softening and flowing in acceptance or tightening and restricting in protective resistance. We imprint a memory of our experience not only in our subconscious mind but in our body to help avoid repeating trauma. Stress, injury, physical and emotional trauma, or illness can lock us in a pattern of protective holding. Without awareness, we may get stuck in this multi-layered pattern of resistance for extended periods of time.

Pain and discomfort are the body's signal that we need to let go and soften, but we may have forgotten the way back to freedom. Myofascial Release Therapy uses specialized techniques that allow us to access our subconscious holding patterns and bring them into our conscious awareness. In doing so, we are able to release our resistant hold and reclaim the comfort and peace we deserve.  

During times of trauma the subconscious develops a protective pattern that becomes locked into the mind-body complex like a “frozen moment in time”
— John F Barnes, Healing Ancient Wounds



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