Energy Work


Energy work encompasses various holistic therapies, all aiming to maintain a consistent, balanced energy flow for optimal health. Each technique contributes to this flow, guiding the client toward relaxation, healing, enhanced emotional clarity, and a profound sense of groundedness.

The term “energy work” aligns with the belief that disruptions in the body’s energy flow lead to illness. These practices rebalance life energy, promoting healing without causing harm. While spiritual in nature, energy work lacks dogma and transcends belief systems.


During energy work session, you will experience a gentle touch on specific areas known as chakras. The sensations may vary—deep relaxation, warmth or coolness from the practitioner’s hands, or pulsing/tingling in the treated area. Many report enhanced emotional clarity, a sense of being grounded, reduced pain and stress, and increased energy.

I have been certified in Usui Reiki as a master teacher for almost 20 years. Additional certifications include JFB MFR Subtle Energy, Kundalini Reiki Level 2, Ama Deus Method of Natural Healing Level 2, and Benevolent Touch. Sessions may incorporate a combination of these healing techniques.


Whether you’re seeking stress reduction, emotional release, or enhanced energy, this practice aligns with all forms of medical treatment, guiding you toward relaxation, enhanced emotional clarity, and a profound sense of grounding.

“Reiki is the art of inviting happiness into your mind and body, and the belief that the universe is alive and filled with energy.”

Dr. Mikao Usui

Our Policies

Arrive a few minutes before your scheduled appointment time.

Please refrain from wearing fragrance, many clients are sensitive to lingering scents.

Cancellation or adjustments to your scheduled time must be made 24 hours in advance.

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