Myofascial Release Therapy

Myofascial Release therapy (MFR) is an alternative treatment that supports the body’s natural potential to heal itself. This holistic therapy uses gentle, sustained pressure and stretch, to release restrictions in the fascial system and bring relief to those who suffer from chronic and acute pain. 

A framework of support and protection for the body, the fascial system is comprised of fascia (a connective tissue) and ground substance (a watery lubricant). Fascia wraps around every muscle, bone, nerve, internal organ, and cell.  Normally fascial fibers, lubricated with ground substance, glide freely. However, when injured, the fascial system dehydrates becoming as dense and thick as plastic. Restrictions in the fascia lock down the tissues and organs generating chronic pain, misalignment, and dysfunction in the body. As restrictions hold they extend a line of pull to distant areas creating complex patterns of pain and immobility.

MFR is comprised of a triad of techniques; Myofascial Release (structural release), Rebounding (wave-like rocking motion), and Unwinding (facilitated movement). Together they create a powerful shift in the physical and emotional body opening you to a freedom you may never have experienced.


This session begins with postural assessment for areas of imbalance, decreased flexibility, and tightness. Prolonged pressure and stretch will be applied to release fascial restrictions.  Techniques will be held for a minimum of 5-7 minutes for releases to occur.  This is not a massage; no lotions are used so that the therapist can adhere properly to the skin and connect with the fascia. For MFR treatment, it is best if women can wear an everyday bra and underwear. However, if you are more modest loose fitting shorts or yoga shorts (must not cover the thigh) and a sport bra are acceptable. Men will need to bring a pair of loose fitting shorts (no zippers).

Be certain that your skin is free of lotion and perfume.

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Our Policies

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