Myofascial Release Therapy, founded by John F. Barnes PT, is a holistic form of bodywork that helps to relieve chronic pain, physical trauma, and stress-related symptoms. With a delicate touch, therapists honor your body’s natural resistance and create a safe haven for profound healing. Therefore, clients often find the sessions not only therapeutic but also deeply relaxing. They are frequently amazed by the remarkable effectiveness of this gentle therapy.

Comprised of a triad of techniques; Myofascial Release (structural release), Rebounding (wave-like rocking motion), and Unwinding (facilitated movement), MFR creates powerful healing in the physical and emotional body. As a result, chronic pain, physical trauma, and stress-related symptoms are alleviated.


CranioSacral Therapy (CST) was developed by Osteopathic Physician, John E. Upledger. This therapy addresses a variety of symptoms and conditions. Therapists use soft touch to evaluate and release restrictions in the tissue surrounding the central nervous system. As a result, the rhythmic pulse of the cerebral spinal fluid, through the craniosacral system, is returned to its normal flow.  Consequently allowing the central nervous system to perform optimally. CranioSacral Therapy brings about an improved state of health, reduces pain, and creates a deep state of relaxation.


Energy work encompasses various holistic therapies, all aiming to maintain a consistent, balanced energy flow for optimal health. Each technique contributes to this flow, guiding the client toward relaxation, healing, enhanced emotional clarity, and a profound sense of groundedness.


Equine Myofascial Release Therapy is a holistic manual therapy that addresses soft tissue fascial restrictions in horses resulting from injuries, trauma, repetitive training, surgery, or poor saddle fit.  Its ultimate aim is to release tight, shortened connective tissue, unwind neuromuscular holding patterns, and facilitate structural alignment in the equine athlete. Thus, unlocking the horse’s full potential of strength, endurance, and performance.

“The purpose of your life is to enjoy your life.” John F. Barnes

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